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Bar Ice Well

bar ice well

Ice well

Ice wellsice well

Ice wells - A must for any bar for speedy efficient service

Ice wells are perfect for night clubs and fast bars were the volume of ice needed is immense, they come in many sizes and styles to suit any environment.

Ice wells come with a bottom that lifts up, this is to keep the ice clean as sometimes the bottom of the ice can can a tad murky, especially during the busy times such as christmas for example.

It is for this reason that the ice well should be cleaned out every night with hot water and dried out with paper role, this will bring up a nice shinny finish and ready for the next days service.

Ice wells - A must for any bar for speedy efficient service.

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U'Luvka Vodka Ice Bucket

U'Luvka Vodka Ice Bucket

A sleek design classic, our aluminum ice bucket has the same sensuous nature as the U'Luvka bottle and makes a stunning centrepiece to any table. Discreetly branded with the U'Luvka logo, it fits both the 70cl Signature bottle and the 175cl Magnum. The detachable chromed sipping rack holds up to twelve our our 'legless' shot glasses, sold separately . A fantastic wedding gift which won't ever get hidden at the back of the cupboard.

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What every bartender could ever want.

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